Have you ever typed in the phrase “ sell my jewellery” or “ sell my jewellery near me“. Or maybe you spell it ” sell my jewelery” or “ sell my jewelery near me” with only one L in the word jewelery.

Or maybe you looked up “cash for gold Oshawa”, “cash for gold Toronto” because you thought only major city centres would have locations that were reputable enough to buy your jewellery.

Or maybe you searched for “sell my jewelery online” because you are in a remote location and have no choice but to either drive a long distance to sell your jewellery, or mail it away to some buyer that may or may not have a physical location to hold them accountable when something goes wrong with your transaction.

Did you find the usual cast of characters that are either pawn shops who pay next to nothing for your items or the same old tired nation chains that want to send you a check?  Just an FYI….a check is not cash !!! 

You know…..it’s called “CASH 4 GOLD ” not “CHECK 4 GOLD “.  LOL!

Or when you arrive at their store they size you up and make you a quick offer based on the judgment call that you don’t appear to know too much and can be lowballed without a fight?

And to make matters worse, they take all your items into some back room where they disappear for 20 minutes, to emerge later on to announce how little value your items have?

That’s putting a lot of trust in someone considering the investment you have made in these items.

At our store, we perform the work right in front of you. You can ask us questions about the process and we will be happy to answer them.

Everything is weighed on Government Certified scales and you can see the weight for yourself. Nothing is hidden !

If you want Cash For Gold Oshawa,TorontoBowmanville, Courtice, Port Hope, Cobourg, Port Perry, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering or anywhere else in The Durham Region, we are the number one choice for selling your unwanted gold and silver items.

Check out our page called “What We Buy” by clicking”here

* Bring in your items

* Receive an estimate

* Go home with CASH!

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